Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


You can now search for candidates right on the dashboard in our new universal search field.
This lets you see some candidate details right away from the search dropdown and then lets you go the candidate's application directly.
You now get a timeline view for an audit log of who and when stage changes were made.
When you and your team add notes to a candidate's application, the last note added will now be visible on the job details page.
This can help you view important information for many candidates at a glance.
If you need to add information regarding the job that's only important to you internally - there is not a new field on add/edit job that shows on the dashboard and the job post details screen.
We're expecting for this to be used to manage multiple jobs from the same job title but other details internally.
Fixed an issue where a small number of customers were getting asked for an additional TXT entry to be added - while adding a custom domain name.
  1. Translated links to application pages now easily available
Setting the language on the jobs page - gives you a link that can be copied easily for that particular language.
The same link can be reached when someone changes the language on the application pages as well.
  1. Links to the files that are uploaded in the application are now available in CSV exports
These links were already available using the webhook.
  1. CSVs now have a timestamp of when the application was submitted as well.
  1. Archived jobs can now be activated again.
  1. Application share links - that can be used to share the applications with team members outside of Hirevire - now use the custom domain link as well.
Each additional organisation gets a custom domain and can have its own branding, users, careers pages and settings.
Lots of changes in the questions section of the job post
  1. We've now added a new section to add simpler questions with the following response types
  • Single-line text
  • Numbers
  • Links
  • Checkboxes
  • Multiple Choice (Radio button)
  • Dropdowns
  • Dates
These questions will be shown together before the audio/video/file upload/rich text questions show.
  1. Your previous questions and job posts remain the same under the newly named Media Responses section
  1. We've made the delete question button more prominent
  2. Dragging questions to change the order is now possible.
You can now change the look and feel of the job application page.
To do this, go to the job details page and click the “Customize page” button.
Customization options include
  • Maximum page width
  • Page background
  • Text color and font
  • Logo placement
  • Title color, size and placement
  • Button color
  • You can now remove the header banner image or video once set. (earlier could only be replaced once set)
  • Archived jobs are automatically removed from the career page. (Archived jobs were not shown on the career page to be selected earlier)
  • Changed label for Remove support chat widget toggle to include career page.
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